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Printful Unisex Shirts Appearing on Etsy as Men's Size Only (FIXED)

so you probably listed your first Printful unisex shirt to your Etsy Shop and you checked and found that your unisex t-shirt is only showing men's size this means when a customer try to choose the size of the shirt it will show the size and (men's) next to it, this is a little bad for your list , let's say a female want to buy your shirt and she want to choose the size and notices the "men"  next to it this will make her think again even if the title and the description say's it's a unisex.

NOTE: Even that the sizing appears that is a male sizing, it's not, it's just unisex sizes are called "Men's" in Etsy. and as long as you choose unisex style during the push you're all set.

This Tutorial video will show you how to fix this error, for me i applied it once on a listing and synced my store on printful now it's fixed on all the listings i add. i hope it works for you that way as well if not, you'll need to apply this method on every time you list.

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Printful Unisex Shirts Appearing on Etsy as Men's Size Only (FIXED) Printful Unisex Shirts Appearing on Etsy as Men's Size Only (FIXED) Reviewed by M2Y4F on November 27, 2018 Rating: 5


  1. Thank You so much for explaining this!

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