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Get Ready For Print on Demand Q4

Prepare and get ready to fill all the free slots on your merch by amazon or any other POD platform for Q4 holidays which are the big incentives of the year for costumers to spend their money by having huge holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. let's not forget events like Black Friday & Cyber Monday, which provide insane discounts. all these are reasons for you to be ready for Q4. by making relevant designs for the targeted niche of the holiday as well as evergreen designs, that will sell the whole year-round. get them that Q4 boost that might carry you the whole year when there is no event or holidays. 

in this video I'm showing how you can find niches as well as getting to find proven seller shirts that might give you a full idea of what sells on Q4 days, from the niche to the design.

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